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AdWords / Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Google AdWords / Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most powerful advertising mediums ever invented.

Google AdWords is highly effective because your ad appears right at the moment your target audience is taking the initiative to learn more about your product or service. That’s huge and you must understand this opportunity and what is happening in your own market. It doesn’t matter if you sell flowers or complex industrial equipment – you  need current information so you can make a decision about your best course of action.

The Marketing Port is a Google Certified AdWords Agency and can quickly help you assess how big the opportunity is for you and advise you on what you should do next. If you decide to implement an AdWords / Pay Per Click program, we will begin a process that will enable you to profitably advertise on Google.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of what Search Engine Marketing is and would like to learn more about it, call us today for a free 15-minute online orientation at 877-408-5097.

How The Marketing Port implements an AdWords / PPC campaign:

  • First, we conduct keyword research and analysis to be sure your ads appear based on the best search terms that will connect with your target audience when their intent is to buy or learn more.
  • Second, we will organize your keywords and campaign in a way that aligns with how your products or services are organized. Then we write ads that will generate clicks.
  • Finally, we help you to develop specialized landing pages that are designed to increase the chances that a person clicking on your ad will become a sales lead or make a purchase.

The Marketing Port team will set up the necessary analytics and conversion tracking so that you always have complete clarity on what is happening with your campaign and how well it is working.

There are a variety of campaign types with AdWords that work well with video:

  • Search Only for B2B Lead Generation
  • Display Ads for Awareness & Lead Generation
  • Video/YouTube for Awareness and Lead Generation