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Friday, 14 July 2017 14:27

How to Write a Video Script

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You need a good script to ensure your video will make an impact or even be watched. Most marketers and business owners have no experience writing a script and it can be challenging to get the script written. I’ve seen those with less experience writing scripts take a month to write a script.

The most difficult part of script writing is the opening. What do you say to get the audience engaged and hook their attention? You have about 10-seconds or 25 words to do the job. It’s not a big copywriting secret that people are mainly thinking about themselves, and their situation, so the best place to start the script is with an issue or problem your audience has.

  • Example. To grow your business you need to be able to do more with fewer people and in the X department, that means you need to X. If you don’t do X, you will have to (work more hours, hire more people, loss business to competition).
Saturday, 01 July 2017 14:25

What's the Best Length for Your Video?

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One of the reasons you want an animated video is because attention spans are short and you need to spend less time getting your story into the minds of your audience.

Now the question is: How much time will people spend watching my video once it's finished?
The answer: It varies based on the video, the audience and where it's being used.

I look at video stats all of the time and I see completion rates for videos all over the map. Some of these videos are simply on a website and are watched at random, and some are on landing pages that are part of a marketing program such as AdWords or an email campaign.

Video Length

If you plan to use your video for paid marketing where you are trying to get clicks and the video is the CTA (Call to Action), then definitely do your best to produce a  video that is as short as possible. Aim for a total length around 60 seconds.