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The Marketing Port Video Production Process

What are the steps to producing a whiteboard or animated video? 


Step 1 – Online Meeting to discuss the video project.We provide clients with a “Video Production
Worksheet” to streamline the process of gathering or compiling the information needed to write the first
draft of the script. On a call with you, we review the Video Production Worksheet and get you talking 
about your audience, industry, the product or service you provide and what exactly makes your business unique

Step 2 – Writing the first draft of the script. We’ve written a lot of scripts and are very good at taking
all of your source material and input and turning that into 300-325 words that are the typical length of
a script to produce a video that is between 100-120-seconds in length. When the goal is a shorter
video, 1-minute or 30-seconds, we adapt the script length accordingly. A rule of thumb is 150 words
equals approximately 1-minute of video. 

Step 3 – Select a voice over pro to record the script. You have a choice of about 10 different pros, you
can also bring in your own voice over pro. We will audition a new person for a specific project if that is required.
There are plenty of great voice over professionals that can be hired for reasonable fees, you can be
sure to get someone you will like. 

To answer a question that comes up: Is it better to have a female or male voice over pro?
Answer: No one really knows, so pick the person you feel comfortable with.

Step 4 – Develop the storyboard. In most cases, we meet with our client and go through the script line
by line and write text storyboard notes for the illustrator to follow. For 2D videos, we produce a PDF with
images to show you what the video will look like. With the speed of and efficiency that comes with video
production software it’s easy to make revisions to a completed a video, so we don’t
usually spend a lot of resources on the storyboard since it would drive up costs. 

Step 5 – Create the first version of the video. After the storyboard session, the illustrator creates
the first version of the video which usually takes about 2-weeks. Most of the work is doing custom illustrations
and graphics so the video is unique. Once the first version of the video is ready we send you a link to
review the video.

Step 6 – Revise the video after it is reviewed. We recommend you review the video several times
share it with colleagues and stakeholders and come to a consensus on what changes you want us to make.
We include one round of major revisions in our production fee and will make minor changes at no
extra charge to ensure you are happy with the video.

Step 7 – Send the final video file in HD format. Once the production is a wrap and you are 100% happy
with your video, we send you a download link to take possession of the video content. There is no copyright
it’s your content. We’ll also provide advice and even services to make sure your video will make an
impact and help your company increase conversion rates, i.e. making sure the video will generate leads.